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a logging company that cares about the environment

Our Story

Goodson’s All Terrain Logging, Inc. (ATL) is a family owned and operated business in Jacksonville, NC. Run by fourth-generation logger, Bobby T. Goodson, ATL has the experience, expertise and equipment to provide services in areas where other companies simply cannot go.

With our multi-generational history in the logging industry, the Goodson family and crew has developed a deep love of logging and a deep respect for the land. Protecting our environment is important and Goodson’s ATL is proud to be ahead of the curve. Unlike traditional logging practices, the shovel method of logging used by ATL involves the creation of a mat of cut timber which becomes the “road” by which the loggers can access trees and transport them out of the forest. This produces significantly less ground disturbance and trees regenerate in just a few years. 


Justin Goodson Transport

Justin, Bobby’s son, has his own trucking company, Justin Goodson Transport. He operates three KW990’s in his fleet.  This additional power means ATL is able to keep six trucks in operation full-time.

As Featured on Discovery’s Reality Show “Swamp Loggers”

Featured on the Discovery Channel’s hit reality show, SWAMP LOGGERS, our crew is made of highly skilled, hard-working men and women who know how to get the job done right!

Swamp Loggers

Our Mission 

We’re on a mission to improve responsible logging practices, increase awareness of industry contributions and improvements and provide excellent service to our customers and partners. 

We’re Goodson’s, and we care that it’s done right.

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